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We want to show you this big, beautiful world in a whole new way. One that puts you in control and gives you access to our little black book of incredible properties, people and experiences. We believe that each trip should be as special and unique as you are. It should be magical and inspirational with plenty of ‘wow’ factor, which is why we design each itinerary around you. Stay in the finest accommodations, meet the locals, sip the wine, learn something new, and enjoy authentic, personal experiences that you’ll cherish forever. Welcome to Tanzania.

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African Wildlife Borders

Welcome to African Wildlife Borders, your gateway to Africa’s adventure travel. We offer safari tours, luxury escapes, mountain climbing, wildlife and cultural tours. Our mission is to plan and coordinate your tour to Africa’s most exotic places.

Our packages are tailor-made and customized to your needs and desires. We can accommodate everything from relaxing on a pristine beach in Zanzibar to experiencing the Great Migration in the Serengeti Plains.

Get in touch with us today to start planning your next African adventure.

About Services

Our team will ensure your trip goes flawlessly. While you are in Africa, we will be available via phone or email to make sure everything is going well.

Timing is everything…

We ensure you’re where you need to be ….

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We are the Specialists you need

Our travel specialists will arrange an initial phone consultation or exchange emails with you to better understand your specific interests and vacation preferences. 

Need Help Booking Your Flight

We are happy to book a flight for you based on your preferences.

Let Us Plan Your Trip

Our knowledgeable experts will arrange an unforgettable tour customized for you.

Contact Us Today

Contact us via email or phone to start planning your trip today!

While the company has grown over the last years, our ideals still remain the same:

  1. Every guest is unique and we treat them and their desires individually.
  2.  We love Tanzania and are proud to show visitors all facets of this unique country.
  3.  We offer excellent value for money.
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